The Foundation seeks to support unique programs and experiences that have a proven impact. The primary focus of our Educational efforts is directed towards early childhood, primary, and secondary education which provide youth with opportunities for enrichment and character development both in India. We believe a strong education is the gateway to careers, financial security, and supporting a family.


The Foundation supports programs working to promote positive change while fostering self-reliance for individuals and families. With a specific interest in work to defend the welfare of women and children suffering from abuse or neglect.


Our support for Health issues revolves around programs that encourage healthy families and communities and work to provide basic needs for food, shelter, water, and access to care. The Foundation also looks to support environmental efforts that promote healthy living environments for all.


We are always interested in new innovative solutions that use technology to boost productivity and save organizations money, enhance communications between service providers and their constituents, advance our education system, improve healthy lifestyles, and save our environment.